Exploring Various Smartwatches

Played through various smartwatches for a project I was doing. See basic comparison below: Comparison Watch OS Programming Environment Sensors Battery Acc. Gyr. Mag. Fitbit Versa Fitbit OS Javascript through Fitbit studio ✔ ✔ Bad (~1 day) AmazFit GTR Realtime OS based Sadly, not programmable ✔ ✔ ✔ Very good (14 days) AmazFit Verge Android OS 5.

Installing RTL8812 (USB Wifi Dongle) on Ubuntu 18 and 20 LTS

Being a certified scrimp, reviving old PCs that will otherwise be thrown away by the Uni has become a hobby of mine. To connect these desktops at home where I only have access to wifi, I bought and used cheap USB wifi dongles from ebay.

Gov Hack 2020 Raw Onion

I recently spent my weekend with govHack. See project video, description below and github repo for details. It was a tiring two day sprint, but a pleasurable (and learning) experience to work with awesome people remotely!

SOMI Technology Consulting Program with Vantari VR

It's my pleasure to be part of the first Technology Consulting Program (TCP) run by SOMI: Society of Medical Innovation which ran for 6 weeks. Over that time I learned,

Latex Beamer UNSW Slides

Sharing my UNSW theme template for Latex Beamer. See github repo for the template and on instructions to install. If you want to use Beamer with presenter view (like Microsoft PPT), check out Dual Screen PDF viewer for latex beamer and its installation procedure.

Slides for IEEE NSW Student Branch Catchup 2020

AGM Presentations Date and Time Title 2020 Jun 10 17:00-19:00 2020 IEEE NSW SB Catchup

Hugo Academic Slides - UNSW Template

Sharing my UNSW theme template for Hugo Academic slides. See github repo for the template and on instructions to install. Demos: basic demo. embc presentation.

ATX Power Supply

I somehow needed a 12V 12A power supply for research. After a bit of research, the easiest and cheapest DIY way is to use an ATX power supply (the power supply commonly found in CPUs).

Python Spyder IDE and Virtualenv

How do you use another virtual env in Python Spyder IDE? Activate the environment (e.g. myenv) you like to use conda activate myenv Install the spyder-kernels package conda install spyder-kernels=0.

Moodle STACK Notes

In taking teaching assistant roles (i.e., casual academic) in many Biomedical Eng'g courses at UNSW, I had to do countless hours of manual checking. I enjoyed interaction with students but dreaded the marking component.