Raspberry Pi 4B Setup

  1. Install headless following instruction at link
    1. Download Raspbian Buster at link and install using balenaEtcher following this instruction
  2. When logging in to the second raspberry pi and it says key error, run the following command but modifying to the appropriate known_hosts location rm -f /home/user/.ssh/known_hosts
  3. VNC setup link
  4. Setup remote access anywhere. Instructions taken from link
    1. Head to the RealVNC Raspberry Pi sign up page and enter your email address in the sign up box.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up your account with a password.
    3. Back on your Raspberry Pi, click the VNC icon in the top-right corner of the screen to open VNC. Then click the status menu and select Licensing.
    4. Enter the email address and password you created in step one.
    5. When prompted, select “Direct and cloud connectivity.” Your Raspberry Pi is now accessible online.
  5. If no VNC gui source
    1. The RPi must be set to boot to desktop (service mode).
    2. If a HDMI monitor is not attached then you need to specify a screen resolution in config.txt

Home internet

  1. To force change IP address source

    dhclient wlan0```

Resilio Sync

  1. Installed resilio sync by following instructions at link
  2. Note that for Raspberry Pi 4, architecture is armhf.



sudo systemctl enable resilio-sync
sudo usermod -aG pi rslsync
sudo chmod g+rw ResilioSync
  1. Use command below to run as rslsync user. Service can also be run with the following arguments: start, stop, restart

    ## Fstab
    1. To get uuid

    sudo blkid```

  2. UUID=607AAD5D7AAD30A8 /home/pi/rslsync ntfs-3g defaults,noatime 0 1

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