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Toastmasters Online

My personal notes on running a successful TM online

UNSW Slide Themes

UNSW theme templates For Hugo Academic slides See github repo. Demos: basic demo embc presentation For Latex Beamer See github repo for the template and on instructions to install.

FSC NSW Website using Hugo + Netlify + Miraheze

FSC NSW website FSC NSW wiki Concept Setup a website with some pages that can be editted by everyone (knowledge base). Design approach is to have a static website linking to a wiki page.

Sparse Motion Capture

My Ph.D. topic. Comprehensive and Accurate Estimation of Lower Body Movement Using Few Wearable Sensors

Exo Arm Workshop

Introduction to wearable robotics workshop by walking through making a robotic arm.

Competitive Programming workshop

Preparation for IEEE Xtreme

Personal website (Gitlab+Hugo+Academic+Netlify)

My personal website from 2019-10-06 was implemented using Hugo, Academic, Gitlab private repository, and Netlify. Cheat sheet. Modified academic-admin (.bib importer) a bit to handle patent type entry.

Self Study: State Estimation for Robotics by Tim Barfoot

Learn how to utilize Lie group representation (specifically, $SE(3)$) for state estimation.

Newfil Xwiki

Short lived Xwiki based official website of Filipino Student Council of NSW.