UNSW Filipino Student's Society

Annual General Meeting 2019

23rd Oct 2019 2 – 4 pm

Red Centre Central Wing 2063


  1. President’s Annual Report
  2. Treasurer’s Annual Report
  3. Constitutional Amendments
  4. Membership Executive as Grievance Officer
  5. Election of Executive
  6. Nominees
  7. Voting
  8. Signatories Chosen
  9. Picture taking
  10. Kainan :p

President’s Annual Report


  1. cultivate Filipino identity
  2. promote the Filipino culture
  3. 2nd home here at AU

15 events, 500 cumulated attendees, reached 1000+ students @ UNSW

11 Feb O Week T1 , 4 Mar Halo Halo , 3 Apr Kapihan T1 , 2 May Boodle Fight T2 , 29 Jun Karaoke T2 , 24 Jul Kapihan T2 , 9 Aug Boodle Fight T2 , 11 Sept O week T3 , 17 Sept Club Taster T3 Taho & Tinikling , 28 Sept Palarong Pinoy , 10 Oct Filo Got Talent UNSW , 3 Int'l Night Markets (T1 twice, T2)

Others: 23 Oct Kapihan and AGM, 8 Nov Filo Got Talent NSW level

Some Snapshots

Powered by 367.5 volunteer hours

Not yet including exec tasks.

Top 10

Luke Sy (President kasi), David Joshua Delos Reyes, Diane Galinato, Fahad Ahmad, Cindy Wenceslao, Patrick Obmasca, Vivienne Salcedo, Zoe Ramirez, John Co, Lorenzo Saavedra

KPI: Membership and Funds
KPI: Digital Presence

In a nut shell

  1. Management was (relatively) more organised.
  2. Needs improvement with publicity.
  3. External: very strong among NSW FiloSocs and a bit within UNSW.
  4. Membership: 100 paid (20% inc.), 500 cumulated attendees powered by >367.5 volunteer hours.
  5. Finance: relatively richer.

Why is FiloSoc important?

Q: Why is the Filipino identity important in this present time (e.g., in the midst of globalization)?

A(?): Ang Hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan Hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.

Treasurer’s Annual Report - Summary

Net+$ 953.75
Opening Balance$ 353.53
Closing Balance$1307.28

Income - Summary

Income - Details

Expense - Summary

Expense - Details

Treasurer’s Annual Report - Summary

Net+$ 953.75
Opening Balance$ 353.53
Closing Balance$1307.28

Constitutional Amendments

  1. Membership Executive as Grievance Officer
H.	To receive complaints and grievances relating to the Club.
I.	To investigate grievances (where necessary) and resolve grievances or make recommendations to the Club Executive on the resolution of grievances.
J.	To act in a fair, ethical and confidential manner in the performance of their duties, and pass on their responsibilities for specific grievances to other Club Executives if they cannot act impartially.
K.	To notify those involved of the outcome of the grievance
  1. FiloSoc follows Arc's Grievance Resolution Policy
4.	The maintenance and review of policies & procedures of the Club, including its Grievance Resolution Policy & Procedure.

Election of Executive - Nominees

  • President
  • VP Externals
  • VP Internals
  • Secretary-General
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Executive
  • Marketing & Communications Executive
  • Publicity & Branding Executive
  • Arc Delegate


David Joshua Delos Reyes

VP Internals

Cindy Wenceslao

I plan to continue building on the momentum that the past generations of Filosoc executive have established, by supporting the society in running events that connect local and international Filipinos to their heritage, as well as bringing awareness of our vibrant culture to the wider UNSW community. I endeavour to oversee events that cater both to those born in the Philippines, and those born here, and I hope I could be a good representative for local students. This is a really special society that really has a lot of impact - it's such an honour to have a hand in bringing people a little piece of home.

VP Externals

Vivienne Salcedo


Von Bacani


Veronica Dimatulac

Ensuring that logs of funds and spending are maintained kept up to date, reporting any inconsistencies immediately, continual updates of financial position when possible before and after events, and at meetings.


Lorenzo Saavedra

Marketing & Comms

Zoe Ramirez


  • Gracelle Reyes
  • Ye (Molly) Wang


Gracelle Reyes

Seeing the events that UNSW FilSoc have hosted and affiliated themselves with this year has inspired me to actively help and support the developing presence they display. I believe I can actively involve myself with promoting the publicity of this society as my goal is to reach out to our fellow Filipinos and the larger community. I hope to involve others with UNSW FiloSoc to teach and share to them our culture and language.

Arc Delegate

Erryn Almario

Election of Executive

Wait lang po. Counting the votes.

Signatories Voting

  1. President
  2. VP Internals
  3. Treasurer

Picture taking


Please like us on FB (@unswfilosoc). Add us on SpArc. Ad: NSW wide FiloSoc year-end party + Filo Got Talent!

KPI: Membership and Funds