UNSW Filipino Student's Society

Agenda 2020

Congratulations to our new executives!

Special thanks for the service and guidance of the previous executives and members!


The FiloSoc 2020 will be guided by the following Pillars



  • Filosoc will lead the environment friendly movement by banning all SINGLE USE PLASTICS in our events
  • We will be creative in finding other alternatives to present our products (INM & Boodle Fights)
  • By this pillar, we are hoping to inspire other societies as well to be part of the global movement in taking care of our environment.


  • We are directing all our events to cater not only to Filipino students but to the greater community itself (UNSW Community).
  • We will need to devise ways for our events to require more interaction and participation in a manner that is relevant yet still enjoyable for our participants.
  • We will align our programs with the current trends that affects student life in Uni. (e.g. stress, depression, environment friendliness)

Cultural Promotion

  • We will inculcate Filipino values and culture in our events in a way that it is interesting and enjoyable!
  • We will repackage and innovate new concepts in our programs that are aligned with the Filpino values and culture
  • Lastly, anybody can be Filo! At heart, in mind or in spirit!

How to achieve these?

  • Expanded publicity and communication channels
  • Interactive planning
  • Commitment
  • Team work

Existing Events

  • Halo Halo
  • Kapihan
  • Boodle Fight
  • Karaoke
  • Filo Got Talent
  • International Night Markets
  • Club Tasters (Taho & Tinikling)

Planned events

  • Harana (Serenade)
  • Merienda Talks (Counterpart of Kapihan)
  • Palarong Pinoy (Filipino Games)
  • Learn a Filipino word / Trivia (Fortnightly)
  • Buwan ng Wika
  • Campus tours to other Filosocs (external)
  • Team building/Leadership camp (external)
  • Team bonding and dinner
  • Garage sale for typhoon victims in Phils (I hope there‚Äôs none next year)