Set AWS Route 53 DNS to Netlify DNS

Assuming your Hugo pages are hosted in Netlify, you may want to set your DNS to Netlify to take advantage of their easy HTTPS setup feature. To do so, Go to your website's Domain settings in Netlify and find the nameservers specified by Netlify.

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Generating bbl file from Overleaf for Arxiv submission

If you are like me who use overleaf to write research articles, you may have experienced a similar issue where the version of the .bbl file (from biblatex) overleaf generated is too new for Arxiv submittion.

FSCNSW Interview

Basic Info Full Name: Luke Wicent Sy City in the Philippines: Quezon City, Metro Manila University in Australia: University of New South Wales Program in Australia: Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering Week 1 What made you decide to join FiloSoc?

Generating Gitlab Pages Using Sphinx

Create file .gitlab-ci.yml at the root of the repository with the following contents. image: python:3.7-alpine pages: script: - pip install -U sphinx - pip install sphinx_rtd_theme - sphinx-build -d _build/doctrees docs/source _build/html - mv _build/html public artifacts: paths: - public only: - master In the code above, change docs/source to the directory that contains sphinx's conf.

ESL Trainings at UNSW

During my stay at UNSW (since Jun 2017 up to the day of writing), below are a list of English as a Second Language (ESL) trainings I've encountered at UNSW. Do note though that some of them may no longer exist (i.

Docker Openproject

Run Assuming setup is finished. docker run openproject Upgrade First, pull the latest version of the image: docker pull openproject/community:VERSION # e.g. docker pull openproject/community:10 Then stop and remove your existing container (we assume that you are running with the recommended production setup here): docker stop openproject docker rm openproject Then re-setup the openproject container.

Generate Videos Using ffmpeg

This note is for using ffmpeg on a linux machine (bash). See full script below: LOGLEVEL="panic" #info, warning, panic OUTDIR="output" for FNAME in materials/*.mp4; do FNAME2=$(basename "$FNAME") echo ${FNAME2%.mp4} # crop the useful part of the video ffmpeg -nostdin -i "$FNAME" -loglevel $LOGLEVEL -filter:v "crop=1488:837:10:50" -c:a copy -an -y "buf1.

Bibtool - Recreate .bib from .aux

How to recreate a bib file with only the references that were used? Usage Check .aux file contains \citation commands instead of \abx@aux@cite. If it is the later case, simple replace all \abx@aux@cite with \citation using your favorite text editor.

Reflections from UNSW Engineering Postgraduate Research Symposium 2019

The faculty of engineering held the UNSW Engineering Postgraduate (PG) Research Symposium 2019 last 9th of December 2019. I along with other 3rd and 4th year Ph.D. students from our school joined and presented during the said event.