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Estimating Lower Limb Kinematics using a Lie Group Constrained EKF and a Reduced Wearable IMU Count

This paper presents a novel algorithm using Lie group representation of position and orientation alongside a constrained extended …

Estimating Lower Limb Kinematics Using Distance Measurements with a Reduced Wearable Inertial Sensor Count

This paper presents an algorithm that makes novel use of distance measurements alongside a constrained Kalman filter to accurately …

Towards comfortable assessment of human movement

3 minute long summary of my PhD thesis


Sparse Motion Capture: Comprehensive and Accurate Estimation of Lower Body Movement Using Few Wearable Sensors

The Faculty of Engineering invites all UNSW Engineering HDR students, Academic and Professional staff and industry experts to the Postgraduate Research Symposium 2019. The 5th edition of this student-led interdisciplinary research conference features oral and poster presentations and the final awards ceremony.